Four Major Advantages of Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising is ubiquitous on news websites, social networking platforms, blogs, and e-commerce websites. This sort of advertising is used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries to reach their target audience by combining appealing images with text and links.

This article will discuss the advantages of display advertising, why display advert is important, and how to utilize display advertising to reach your audience.

What Does Display Advertising Entail?

Display advertising, commonly referred to as banner advertising, is a type of internet advertising that combines graphics or video, text, and links to attract viewers to a website. The types of images include static photos, movies, gifs, and rotating text. Even if they were unaware, everyone who uses search engines, news websites, and blogging platforms has encountered some type of display advert.

Display Advertising Types:

This form of advertising has taken the advertising world by storm, and it is simple to locate a marketing agency that can assist with display advertising methods. Display advertising is more significant than ever before and has become an integral aspect of marketing plans. To make things easier, we’ve summarized the three primary types of display advertising below.

Site Placement Advertising

This sort of advertising is among the easiest to manage, as you have complete control over where your adverts appear. If you approach a news website to advertise a ten per cent discount on kitchen appliances, for example, you might select to do so solely on home-related news items and blogs. This ensures that you contact your target audience directly and do not advertise to motorsport or financial enthusiasts.


Display advertisements for remarketing are pervasive on the internet. Have you recently explored a new kettle and afterwards encountered kettles on multiple websites? This is an instance of remarketing. Remarketing is utilized by both Facebook and Google to direct consumers back to their respective websites. According to recent data, this sort of advertising is extremely targeted and personalized, resulting in excellent conversion rates.

Contextual Promotion

Context-based advertising displays advertisements based on the surrounding environment. Websites that allow advertising (think bloggers, news websites, agents, and websites like tiny pdf) will add banner sections to pages with a particular theme. If you are a hotel that accepts online reservations, your advertisements may appear on travel blogs. In contrast to site placement advertising, you will not have precise control over the positioning of your ads; this is up to the website owner.

Positive aspects of display advertising

As with most aspects of marketing, the pros and disadvantages of display advertising will vary depending on your target market and the product or service you are selling. We have outlined four of the most advantageous features of this advertising medium.

Specific Audience

Small to medium-sized businesses need to target their display adverts to their audience. Once you understand the location, interests, behavior, language, and income of your average customer, you can customize the placement of your advertisements. This guarantees that you contact the appropriate audience at the proper time and location.

Simple to Measure

Due to display advert showing on digital platforms (desktops, tablets, and mobiles), you will have access to a variety of data points for measuring the efficacy of your advertising campaign/campaigns. Google and Facebook offer analytics such as the number of clicks, impressions, unique impressions, reach, cost per click, and viewing demographics, among others.


Compared to print and billboards, display ads are more cost-effective. You can construct a campaign based on CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click) (cost per click). Both of these alternatives are fairly affordable and may be adjusted to your objectives. Do you want to increase brand awareness, or do you want consumers to click and register or fill out an online form?

Enhance Brand Recognition and Visibility

Display advertising will help you position your product or service at the very top of the sales funnel when potential clients are unaware that they need it. You can display advert based on the demographics of your audience. In contrast to search advertising, which needs the user to enter keywords, your ads can appear without keywords.

Ad Blockers’ Disadvantages in Display Advertising

In some circumstances, your analytics may indicate a large number of impressions, but you cannot determine if users paid attention to or noticed your advertisements. In some instances, individuals may have ad blockers installed on their browsers, preventing them from viewing your advertisements.

Reduced CTR

Display advertisements are known to have a lower CTR (click-through rate) than their number of impressions. Due to the lower CTR, display advertising is advised for longer sales cycles and brand exposure.

Even though display advertising has significant drawbacks, the majority of businesses continue to utilise it to enhance brand awareness and acquire new consumers. If you are unfamiliar with display advertising, it may be advisable to hire a full-service digital marketing agency to assist with setup and budgeting. You cannot go wrong with display advertising, whether you are launching a new business, revising your target market, or conducting a campaign.

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